2018 Roof-Master of the Year

Our Roof-Master brand has been a staple of our product offerings for decades and continues to be a go-to solution.

Roof-Master All Weather Flashing Cement in 5 Gallon Pail

The Contest has concluded. In November, we started a new tradition; a new competition; a new spotlight of industry heroes. We Searched for and Found the 2018 Roof-Master of the Year!

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2018 Roof-Master of the Year Contest Logo

The Roof-Master Brand Has Built A Reputation For Its Strength & Endurance Under Extreme Conditions.

A Little History

The Roof-Master name has graced the face of our pails for decades. It’s proven itself worthy in one of the toughest environments imaginable; the roof. A place where the sun beats down relentlessly. Where the snow and rain hit first. A place where there is no hiding from the elements.

A Roof-Master works hard in the most extreme circumstances and just keeps working! Sound Familiar?

Roof-Master Classic Pails

Our 2018 Roof-Master of the Year!

2018 Roof-Master of the Year Contest Logo

Announcing Our 2018 Roof-Master of the Year Winner! Congrats to Blue Collar Roofing! Established in 2002, Blue Collar Roofing, has been Helping its Community for 15+ Years. They will receive a certificate for their office as well as Roof-Master branded products and swag!

Established in 2002, Blue Collar Roofing, has been Helping its Community for 15+ Years
Announcing Our 2018 Roof-Master of the Year Winner! Congrats to Blue Collar Roofing & Thanks to All Who Entered!

Complete Contest Rules

As disclosed in the Contest Goals, this contest was created to promote our Roof-Master brand and products under the Roof-Master brand in a positive light in order to reach more contractors. In order to do so, we’re asking that participants, share photographic evidence of their experience with these products. More specifically, we’d like to see Before & After Photos displaying your success with our Roof-Master branded products. Any photos, company names, projects, quotes etc. that are submitted may be used to help us advertise our Roof-Master products in any format, not exclusively including our website, social media accounts, print materials, trade show materials, etc. Your chances of winning depend on the number of submissions, but we have a good handful of promo prizes, so many will play and a couple of hundred will receive at least the participation prize. Though, there can be only 1 Winning Company Titled “The 2018 Roof-Master of the Year” and 2 Runner’s Up. If you don’t win this time around, don’t fret, this is only the first of a new annual title competition among other contests we will have in the future!

* All prizes shown are representative of the prizes. The actual prize received may vary.

** The “Roof-Master of the Year” will receive a prize package to include t-shirts for their company, Roof-Master branded products up to a set value to be announced, as well as a certificate boasting the bragging rights and title of “The 2018 Roof-Master of the Year”.

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