#205 Del-Val Cap Mastic

09 January, 2018
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Description Del-Val 205 Cap Mastic is manufactured by blending asphalts and mineral fillers and refined solvents. The fillers in this product strengthen the liquid asphalt to form a tough but elastic surface. Once cured, it will stay flexible and not crack in the cold and hot climates. This enables the product to set quickly with […]

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#232 Del-Val Modified Aluminum Mastic

05 May, 2017
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Description Del-Val 232 Modified Aluminum Mastic is a premium, reflective elastomeric mastic formulated to a heavy smooth trowel consistency with great elasticity. It is a single component, SBS polymer modified asphalt blended with aluminum pigment and specialty fibers. The elastic properties provide great strength and elongation. Uses Del-Val 232 Modified Aluminum Mastic is used as […]

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#241 Del-Val Silicone Roof Patch

05 March, 2021
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Description Del-Val 241 Silicone Roof Patch is a one-part, high solids, low VOC silicone elastomeric flashing mastic specifically designed for use in sealing roof penetrations, seams, curbs, flashings and other areas on the roof where water infiltration is possible. It works well on roofs that were previously coated with Del-Val 320 Silicone Coating. Once cured, […]

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