Del-Val 240 HylastoSeal (HLS)

Product Fast Facts
Quick-Curing & Self-Leveling
Wet Surface Adhesion
Low Temperature Flexibility


Del-Val 240 HyLastoSeal (HLS) Hybrid Elastomeric Sealant is a gray single component hybrid elastomeric sealant. HLS is the ultimate repair product, designed for the challenges often associated with roof repair. Our product offers the following advantages Self-Leveling, Quick Curing, VOC Compliant, Wet Surface Adhesion and more…


Del-Val 240 HyLastoSeal (HLS) Hybrid Elastomeric Sealant can be applied to BUR, Concrete, Wood, Metal, Aged EPDM, PVC, TPO, plus many other common substrates.

Suitable Roof Substrates
BUR Concrete Wood Metal Aged EPDM PVC TPO Other Common Substrates


Surface must be clean, free of all loose particles, dirt debris and other contaminants that could inhibit adhesion. Wire brushing may be recommended. Priming may be necessary for certain substrates including but not limited to Single-Ply (EPDM, PVC, TPO, Hypalon).


Rate of Approximately 1 gallon per 80 linear feet.

Cleanup Del-Val 240 HyLastoSeal Hybrid Elastomeric Sealant

Clean tools with Del-Val Orange Cleaner & Degreaser or mineral spirits, taking necessary precautions when handling combustible liquids.


Store in dry area at temperature below 27˚C (80˚F)

Shelf Life

12 months

Volatile Organic Content (VOC) 31 g/L

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