Case Study

Meridian Terminal
Teterboro Airport

System Specs

System Type: Modified Rubber

Roof Substrate


Meridian Terminal Teterboro Airport Case Study Powerwash Preparation
Seams Repaired with AP-3100 and Polyester Fabric
Spray Application of AP-6100
Detail of EPDM Roof Restored with AP-6100
Wide View of EPDM Roof Restored with Armour Proof Coating System
Armour Proof Coatings Modified Rubber Good System Image

System Benefits

  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Great Flexibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Achieved Reflectivity – 88%
  • Project Cost Effectiveness

Project Description

This was a fully adhered EPDM roof with multiple leaks coming from the penetrations and seams.

In conclusion, this white, highly reflective, monolithic system solved all of Teterboro’s concerns and extended the life of their EPDM roof.

Surface Preparation

The contractor cleaned the roof with our AP-1200 Single-Ply Cleaner/Primer to prepare the roof for the liquid membrane system.

Seam & Penetration Repair

The seams and penetrations were reinforced with AP-3100 Acrylic Base Coat and our 12” Polyester Fabric to protect to these vulnerable areas.

System Coating Process

Once dry, 2 coats of AP-6100 Modified Liquid Rubber were applied to the entire roof, providing a white, monolithic membrane. To respond to areas on the roof where water was ponding, 2 coats of AP-6100 Gray Modified Liquid Rubber were applied.

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