Nova Smooth Rolled Roofing Membrane

Product Fast Facts
Grants LEED Credits
Increased Durability
Resistance to High and Low Temperatures


The NOVA SMOOTH membranes are made up of distilled bitumen, selected for industrial use, with elastomeric and plastomeric polymers and copolymers. The unique formulation has been especially developed to provide an elastic sheet. The performance is therefore increased along with the durability and the resistance to high and low temperatures.

NOVA SMOOTH is reinforced with a “spunbond” polyester fabric mat, which is very strong and elastic, with optimal dimensional stability in hot conditions, reduces the problems of the banana effect and the retraction of head lap joints as it is also very stable.

The NOVA SMOOTH membrane’s top surface is covered with sand. The underside of the membranes is covered with a clear plastic film that melts when torched and which is embossed both to obtain the pre-tension and therefore the optimal retraction of the film and also to offer to the torch a greater surface area for faster and more reliable installation. Back surface is smooth, plain.


The NOVA SMOOTH membranes can only be torch applied. All side laps are 10 cm. All end laps must be at least 15 cm. Material can be used as an underlay in a two ply system. If left exposed, as a cap sheet, always paint it with a reflective coating.

This product does not contain asbestos or tar constituents.


All pallets are protected with a printed shrink bag and contain 25 rolls.

Material is manufactured in Italy.

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