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Product Fast Facts
Fire Resistant
Made From Natural & Recycled Materials

Rockwool Roofing Insulation Products TopRock® DD and MonoBoard® insulation products are specifically designed and manufactured for the roofing industry. Both are compatible with most roofing systems (flat and tapered), air/vapor barriers, membranes, fasteners, and various adhesives.

Specifications Conforms to ASTM Standard C 726, ASTM E 84 (UL723), ASTM C 209, ASTM E 96, ASTM C 518 (C 177), ASTM C 665, ASTM C 795, ASTM C 165, ASTM C 612-09


Will not promote blistering
  • Does not gas off
  • High impact resistance
Dimensionally stable
Low moisture sorption
Fire resistant
  • Made from natural & recycled materials

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