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Choosing the Right Coating for Your Roof...

As with anything, choosing the proper tool and materials for the job is vital. Each of our Del-Val Roof Coatings were designed and formulated for specific purposes. No matter the type, pitch or goals for your roof, if you are considering adding years of protection to your roof with a roof coating system, this first step, coating selection is important! Read on to learn which of our coatings may be the best option for your project.
Del-Val 310 White Elastomeric Roof Coating in 5 Gallon Bucket

Del-Val 310 Elastomeric Roofing Coating

Del-Val 310 is a cost effective, acrylic-based coating which boasts excellent dirt resistance allowing roofs to retain high reflectivity. Del-Val 310 offers great value, is  easy to apply & clean up and has little to no oder!

Del-Val 315-W Thermoplastic Roof Coating in White in 5 Gallon Pail

Del-Val 315 Thermoplastic Roof Coating

Del-Val 315 is a single-component coating made with SEBS rubber offering great adhesion to EPDM & TPO, excellent flexibility and strength. Del-Val 315 performs well in colder temperatures on a variety of surfaces.

Del-Val 320-W 100% Silicone Roof Coating in White in 5 Gallon Pail

Del-Val 320 Silicone Roof Coating

Del-Val 320 offers increased resistance to ponding water and long term protection due to exceptional weather-ability properties. Del-Val 320 provides excellent UV protection and is safe for the environment.


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