A Name You Can Trust

Distributors who work with and put their trust in United Asphalt, know they are receiving carefully crafted and professional quality roofing materials – every time, on time.

Reliable, timely delivery is one of our hallmarks – we have the best lead-time delivery in the industry. United Asphalt delivers products to roofing distributors up and down the East Coast. In addition to full truckload deliveries, United Asphalt offers LTL product deliveries. We know the business, so we know that LTL gives you the flexibility you need to stay competitive and profitable.

We deliver a product mix that will meet your special requirements:

  • One shipment delivery of materials for a complete job
  • Products to restock current inventory
  • Special orders to meet unexpected demand

We Stand By You. We Stand Behind Our Products.

Your success is our success. So we make certain that every order – whether it’s a full truckload or a portion of an LTL delivery – is processed efficiently and accurately. We ship to your designated location, usually within one workweek.

At United Asphalt, we stand behind our products – and their performance – with industry-standard warranties. Every one of our products meets or exceeds ASTM standards for softening point, flash point, penetration, viscosity and weatherability.

We offer a complete line of roofing products to meet your customers’ needs for every job, from start to finish.

Need an order? Have a question?

United Asphalt provides ongoing support – even after the delivery – and we do it with people, not an answering machine. Contact Us Today!

We Are Proud to Partner with the Following Distributors

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