A Name You Can Trust

Architects & consultants know that United Asphalt understands that your reputation is everything to you and your business. Our reputation as an industry leader is important to us, too, so we have made a commitment to fine craftsmanship, professional services, timely delivery, and a complete, trusted product line. We’ve kept that commitment for 55 years.

You can have confidence in United Asphalt products. We stand behind our products and systems – and their performance – with industry-standard warranties. As a full-service company, we provide you with the tools and services you need to specify United Asphalt products. United Asphalt will:

  • Evaluate the roof
  • Recommend necessary actions, such as core samples or roof scans
  • Recommend the appropriate system(s)
  • Write specifications that meet the needs of the roof and your budget
  • Provide qualified applicators
  • Make routine inspections during the application process

We understand there are other companies with other products you could specify, so we appreciate when you turn to us and want to make it easy for you.

We Never Stop Improving

We continue to refine and upgrade our materials, products and applications to meet and exceed evolving standards. United Asphalt’s roof applications and solutions are designed to help you meet the financial, operational and environmental needs of your designs.

Our research and manufacturing staff are constantly working to enhance the sustainability of our products. United Asphalt offers a range of products and systems that include:

  • Recycled and recyclable content
  • Regional materials
  • Rapidly renewable materials
  • Low-emitting materials

These products can reduce the environmental impact of your structure and contribute to achieving USGBC LEED points.

We Stand By You. We Stand Behind Our Products.

When you specify United Asphalt products, you aren’t operating in a vacuum. We work collaboratively with architects, consultants and contractors to ensure that each product and solution is appropriate for the structure. And, United Asphalt provides the best available product support. We ensure that you talk to a person, not an answering machine, when you need information, or have questions, concerns or problems.

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