Del-Val 310 White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Product Fast Facts
Cool Roof Rated
Metal, BUR, APP, SBS Concrete and EPDM
Extends Roof Life


Del-Val 310 White Elastomeric Roof Coating is an acrylic-based roof coating that forms a seamless, flexible layer of protection for your roof. Designed to seal, protect, and reduce the surface temperatures of the roof.


This flexible coating is designed to protect a wide variety of substrates, including metal, BUR, APP, SBS Concrete, and EPDM. Once cured, Del-Val 310 provides a waterproof, durable, seamless, flexible weather resistant layer of protection.


Surface must be free of all loose particles, dirt debris and other contaminants that could inhibit adhesion, pressure washing is recommended. A primer may be required for the particular substrate. Contact United Asphalt for more information.


Apply by brush, medium nap roller or airless sprayer. Airless spray: Minimum pump pressure 3000 psi. Tip Size: .027”-.039” (.031” recommended) Hose: Use 3/8” up to 100’, from 100’ to 200’ use ½” or larger


Apply at a minimum rate of 1 to 1.25 gallons per 100 square feet per coat, according to the substrate and condition. Two coats are recommended. A minimum of 16 mils DFT is recommended to achieve optimal performance of the coating. Normal drying time is 2-4 hours.

Cleanup Del-Val 310 White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Remove product from tools, etc., with kerosene or mineral spirits. Clean hands with a waterless hand cleaner.

Code Approvals/Compliance

Cool Roof Rated Product

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