Del-Val 600 Silane / Siloxane Waterproofer

Product Fast Facts
Provides Good Adhesion for Paints
Resistance to Alkalis
Rapid Development of Water Repellency


Del-Val 600 Silane / Siloxane Waterproofer is a high performance concrete and masonry sealer. A solvent-free emulsion based siloxanes for the hydrophobizing impregnation of absorbent, mineral substrates with excellent beading properties. Del-Val 600 is an excellent water repellent for many absorbent mineral substrates, such as bricks, sand-lime brick, natural sandstone and mineral plasters. Del-Val 600 may also serve as a water-repellent primer for emulsion paints and plasters, silicone resin emulsion paints and silicone resin plasters.

Del-Val 600 Silane / Siloxane Waterproofer Works Great


Clean surface to be coated. Sweep off all loose dirt, dust and debris. Scrub grease and oil spots with an all-purpose detergent.


Mechanically mix before using. Apply with a brush, roller or an airless sprayer. Do not thin.


125 – 150ft² per gallon, or until the substrate is fully saturated.

Cleanup Del-Val 600 Silane / Siloxane Waterproofer

Soap and water can be used to clean tools before this product dries. Dried material may be cleaned up with Del-Val Orange Cleaner & Degreaser or mineral spirits, taking necessary precautions when handling combustible liquids.

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