Asphalt Cutbacks


United Asphalt Company offers a variety of Asphalt Cutbacks. Asphalt Cutbacks are manufactured by blending liquefied asphalt and petroleum solvents. There are two major types of Cutback Asphalt based on the relative rate of evaporation of the solvent: Rapid-Curing (RC) & Medium-Curing (MC)

Rapid-Curing Cutback

A Rapid-Curing (RC) Cutback Asphalt is designed to react quickly primarily for spray applications, such as bond/tack coats, aggregate chips seals, sand seals and similar surface treatments.

Medium-Curing Cutback

A Medium-Curing (MC) Cutback Asphalt is designed for mixing with aggregates. Because these grades do not break immediately upon contact with aggregate, mixes using them can remain workable for extended periods of time and lend themselves to cold mix stockpiles.

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