Del-Val 121 Non-Fibered Emulsion Coating

Product Fast Facts
Non-Fibered Asphalt Emulsion
Liquid Brush-Grade
Great for Use in Cold Process Roofing


Del-Val 121 Non-Fibered Emulsion Coating is an asphalt-based clay emulsion coating designed for both brush and spray applications on a variety of roof surfaces. Del-Val 121 Non-Fibered Emulsion Coating has excellent resistance to water and cures to a tough, durable finish.


Del-Val 121 may be used on smooth surfaces BUR, APP bituminous membranes, SBS, metal surfaces, and roll-roofing. It can also be used for damp-proofing above and below grade foundation walls and other masonry surfaces.

Suitable Roof Substrates
BUR APP SBS Metal Roll-Roofing Foundation Walls Masonry


All surfaces must be clean and free of any oil, grease, dirt and all other foreign matter. Repair all holes, cracks, blisters, tears or breaks by spreading Del-Val 211 Flashing Cement over damaged area then embed United Asphalt Cotton or Fiberglass Fabric.


Apply to a clean surface using a brush, squeegee, or spray equipment. For best results weather should be clear with no threat of rain for 48 hours.


Apply at the rate of approximately 3 gallons per 100 sq. ft. Must stir coating before using.

Cleanup Del-Val 121 Non-Fibered Emulsion Coating

Clean tools with warm water and soap.

Code Approvals/Compliance

This product meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D 1227-87 Type III

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