#231 Del-Val Modified Rubber Sealant (Black)

Product Fast Facts
Great Adhesion to EPDM
Universal Sealant Adheres to Various Substrates
Excellent Elongation

Description: Del-Val 231 Modified Rubber Sealant (Black) is a single-component, thermoplastic rubber mastic formulated for protecting seams, penetrations and other detail areas over metal, wood, EPDM, APP, TPO and Hypalon. Del-Val 231 Modified Rubber Sealant (Black) provides a durable, flexible, weather resistant membrane with excellent elongation, tensile strength and UV protection.

Uses: Apply Del-Val 231 by brush at a rate of 80 linear feet per gallon, according to the substrate and condition. Dry time is 1-6 hours. Cure time is 48 hours.

Preparation: Surface must be pressure washed clean, free of all loose particles, dirt debris and other contaminants that could inhibit adhesion. Wire brushing may be recommended. The surface must be completely dry to prevent blistering of the product. Must mechanically mix coating before using.

Application: Apply to a clean dry surface using a brush, roller or squeegee. For best results weather should be clear with no threat of rain for 48 hours.


Metal Surfaces: Apply at the rate of approximately 1 gallon per 80 linear feet.

Single-Ply Surfaces: Apply at the rate of approximately 1 gallon per 80 linear feet.

Cleanup: Clean tools with mineral spirits, taking necessary precautions when handling combustible liquids.

Precaution: DO NOT THIN. DO NOT HEAT CONTAINER. DO NOT store in an area where temperatures exceed 120°F