Del-Val 300 Silver Seal Fibered Aluminum

Product Fast Facts
Good Solar Reflectance
Good Coverage Rate


Del-Val 300 Silver Seal Fibered Aluminum is a protective metallic shield that extends the life of asphalt and metal roof surfaces. Del-Val 300 Silver Seal Fibered Aluminum reflective surface protects the roof’s surface from destructive overheating and actinic deterioration.


Prepare the roof surface by sweeping clean any dust, dirt or debris. Use a wire brush to remove and rust from metal. Roof surface must be oil free and free of moisture both on and beneath the surface. Repair all holes, cracks, blisters, tears or breaks by spreading Flashing Cement over damaged area then embed Cotton or Fiberglass fabric. Allow repairs to cure 60 days before coating.


Apply Del-Val 300 Silver Seal Fibered Aluminum with a soft bristled brush, paint roller or heavy duty spray equipment. Product should be mechanically mixed before applying. Spread the product uniformly over the roof surface. Do not apply over wet substrates or in inclement weather. Do not apply if ambient temperature will drop below 32° F in a 24-hour period or dew will settle before coating is allowed to dry.

Coverage and Dry Time

Apply at the rate of 1 to 1.5 gallons per 100 sq. ft.

Cleanup Del-Val 300 Silver Seal Fibered Aluminum

Clean tools with Del-Val Orange Cleaner & Degreaser or mineral spirits, taking necessary precautions when handling combustible liquids.

Code Approvals/Compliance

This product meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D-2824 Type III


Del-Val 300 should not be applied if dew is present, roof is at all wet, impending moisture is expected within 24 hours or where ponding water is present. Any of these conditions will have an adverse effect on the performance of the product.

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