Del-Val 505 SS-1H Tack Coat


Del-Val 505 SS-1h Tack Coat is an anionic emulsion asphalt binder used foundationally in the paving industry for patching, tack coating, fog seal, dust control and other specialty applications. Del-Val 505 SS-1h Tack Coat is a formulation of water, asphalt, emulsifiers and surfactants and promotes adhesion to blacktop surfaces.


Del-Val 505 SS-1h Tack Coat is used for all paving uses and should be applied at a higher temperature to promote the best curing results.


Apply Del-Val 505 SS-1h Tack Coat using a brush, squeegee, or heavy duty spray equipment. Once dry, apply finish coat material over Del-Val 505 SS-1h Tack Coat. Its lower penetration, when compared to SS-1 with a softer base, makes it ideal for warmer climates and should only be applied when temperatures are expected to remain above 55°F for the next 24 hours. For best results, the weather should be clear with no threat of rain for 48 hours at the time of application.


Approximately 100 sq. ft. per gallon.


Avoid contaminants and over-exposure to air and foreign chemicals. Keep from overheating maintaining a storage and application temperature between 55°F and 130°F.

Code Approvals/Compliance

Del-Val 505 SS-1h Tack Coat meets the following specifications when tested in accordance with ASTM D977.

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