GreenSlope Roof Ponding Repair Kit

Product Fast Facts

GreenSlope™- Roof Ponding Repair Kit

“The eco-friendly solution to ponding water.” GreenSlope™ is a roof leveling compound made from recycled products that is designed to eliminate water ponding areas on flat rooftops. It’s unique properties allow it to be shaped and built up to redirect water towards drainage areas.

Real Results

Solve The Problem.

GreenSlope™ is easy to work with and can be applied to almost any roof surface, commercial or residential. It can be used around low drains, near scuppers and edges and can be used as walk pads or for protection behind curbs, AC units, roof hatches and more.

Work More Efficiently.

GreenSlope™ is made from recycled non-biodegradable materials and is built to withstand harsh weathering and last a long time. Each kit covers 9 sq ft and weighs just 2 lb/ft2 at 1 inch depth (compare to concrete: 10 lbs per sq ft).

Roof Surfaces

GreenSlope™ can be applied to the following surfaces: SBS, APP, BUR, EPDM, TPO, metal, foam & shingles.

Why Green?

Learn more about it’s LEED features and more at GreenSlope™’s FAQ.

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