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United Asphalt Company offers active industry professionals in our service area the opportunity to sample some of our newest and most popular products. Use this form to request a sample today!

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    Roof Cements, Coatings & Adhesives

    Del-Val #211 Flashing CementRoof-Master #220 All-Weather Flashing CementDel-Val #230 White Modified Rubber SealantDel-Val #231 Black Modified Rubber SealantDel-Val #232 Modified Aluminum MasticDel-Val #240 HyLastoSeal

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    #100 Del-Val Asphalt Primer – Quick Dry#110 Del-Val Fibered Roof Coating#111 Del-Val Roof/Foundation Coating#112 Del-Val Black Seal Rubberized Coating#120 Del-Val Fibered Emulsion Coating#121 Del-Val Non-Fibered Emulsion#201 Del-Val SBS Modified Adhesive#210 Del-Val Plastic Roof Cement#211 Del-Val Flashing Cement#212 Del-Val SBS Modified Flashing Cement#213 Del-Val Elastomeric Sealant#220 Roof-Master Flashing Cement-All Weather#230 Del-Val White Modified Rubber Sealant#231 Del-Val Black Modified Rubber Sealant#232 Del-Val Modified Aluminum Mastic

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