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Since 1963, we’ve been manufacturing quality roof repair & restoration products. Ever since, we’ve continued to refine, diversify and innovate with our product offerings. From our roof repair staples like Del-Val 211 or Roof-Master All-Weather Flashing Cement, to our Cant & Tapered Insulation Products to our Armour Proof Coatings which offer warranties and the expert support of our well-qualified Product Reps, we are here to ensure roofers are resourced & equipped with quality products they can depend on in their roofing business!

Roof Repair, Restoration and Cant & Tapered Insulation Products and More!

Product Offerings

We offer a complete line of roofing repair, maintenance & restoration products to meet your needs for every job, from start to finish.

Del-Val 230 Mobile Home RV Roof Vent Perimeter Seal Repair
Del-Val 230 Mobile Home RV Roof Vent Perimeter Seal Repair Brush Application
Del-Val 230 Mobile Home RV Roof Penetration Patch Repairs
Del-Val 241-G Roof Penetration Seal with Silicone Mastic
Del-Val 241-W Pipe Penetration Seal Repair with Silicone Mastic
AP-3200 Mobile Home/RV Roof Coating Restoration

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How long should I wait if it rains? What product is best for…? How do I clean up Roof-Master? What is the coverage rate? Can your products be thinned? Will aluminum coating waterproof? How can I repair my roof? Do I need to prime? Are your systems two part? What is your warranty? Where can I buy your products? Where can I find data sheets?

Quality Roofing Products. Expert Support.

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Become an approved applicator of our Armour Proof Coatings systems and gain the perks of being a trusted and approved contractor. Benefits include project referrals, marketing assistance, product trainings & more!

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