Case Study

Warehouse Facility
Newfield, NJ

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Substrate: Metal
System Type: Modified Rubber
AP-1100, AP-6100, AP-6100 System Image

Project Description

This property was recently purchased and is being repurposed for a new business. Rather than perform a costly, time and labor intensive complete tearoff and re-roof, the owner opted to have this 430 square metal roof fully restored with an Armour Proof Coating System. The chosen system to address and restore this roof was a two coat system of Modified Liquid Rubber.

In conclusion, this white, highly reflective, monolithic system brought this new business a fully restored roof to protect their assets and personnel for years to come!

Surface Preparation

The contractor pressure washed the metal roof surface to remove any loose rust, dirt and debris. Once dry, the contractor applied AP-1100 Rust Inhbiting Primer to prevent any rust from spreading and to prepare the roof for the liquid membrane system.

Seam & Penetration Repair

Fasteners were tightened and or replaced. Then both the fasteners and penetration surroundings were reinforced with AP-6100 Modified Liquid Rubber.

System Coating Process

A base coat followed by a finish coat of AP-6100 Modified Liquid Rubber were applied to the entire roof to provides a waterproof, durable, seamless, flexible, weather resistant membrane with excellent elongation, tensile strength and UV protection.

System Benefits

  • 88% Reflectivity
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Great Flexibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Achieved Reflectivity – 88%
  • Project Cost Effectiveness
Image of Layer Diagram of Metal Roof Restoration
Rust & Corroded Metal Roof
AP-1100 Rust Inhibiting Primer Metal Roof Restoration View 2

AP-1100 Rust Inhibiting Primer in 5 Gallon Bucket

Rust mediated and halted with AP-1100 Rust Inhibiting Primer

AP-2100 Modified Liquid Rubber Roof Penetration Repair in Progress
AP-2100 Modified Liquid Rubber Mastic in 3 Gallon Pail
Repairs & Fasteners Sealed with AP-2100 Modified Liquid Rubber Mastic
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