Case Study

Warehouse Facility South New Jersey

System Specs

System Type: Modified Rubber

Roof Substrate

Project Description

This property was recently purchased and is being repurposed for a new business. Rather than perform a costly, time and labor intensive complete tearoff and re-roof, the owner opted to have this 430 square metal roof fully restored with an Armour Proof Coating System. The chosen system to address and restore this roof was a two coat system of Modified Liquid Rubber.

In conclusion, this white, highly reflective, monolithic system brought this new business a fully restored roof to protect their assets and personnel for years to come!

Surface Preparation

The contractor cleaned the roof with our AP-1200 Single-Ply Cleaner/Primer to prepare the roof for the liquid membrane system.

Seam & Penetration Repair

Fasteners were tightened and or replaced. Then both the fasteners and penetration surroundings were reinforced with AP-6100 Modified Liquid Rubber.

System Coating Process

To respond to areas on the roof where water was ponding, 2 coats of AP-6100 Gray Modified Liquid Rubber were applied. Once dry, 2 coats of AP-6100 Modified Liquid Rubber were applied to the entire roof, providing a white, monolithic membrane.

System Benefits

  • 88% Reflectivity
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Great Flexibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Achieved Reflectivity – 88%
  • Project Cost Effectiveness
Armour Proof Coatings Modified Rubber Good System Image

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