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Elastomeric Roof Restoration Systems

Armour Proof Coatings are a product line of elastomeric coatings manufactured by United Asphalt Company. All of our coating systems are designed for specific purposes and offer different benefits. Our systems can restore many different types of roof surfaces, such as Metal, Modified Bitumen & Single-Ply Systems (EPDM, TPO, PVC) and we have expertly crafted multiple systems designed for repair & life-extending restorations of a roof. On top of excellent products, we also support our users by inviting them to become Approved Applicators and gaining all of the added benefits that comes with that title!

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Armour Proof Coatings Roof Restoration Systems Restore With These Technologies
Modified Rubber
Moisture Cure Urethane

Benefits of APC Systems


10 – 20

Years of Protection

Cost Effective

UP to 1⁄2

The cost of a Re-Roof

Energy Savings

UP to 91%

Solar Reflectance

Benefits of an Armour Proof Coatings System

Cost Savings

Coating a roof provides a significant savings over a full reroof and can lower utility costs long after application.


Our diverse product line-up offers solutions for a variety of surfaces and systems suited to each project.


Users have access to our product experts who educate on application and substrate best practices.


Our coatings integrate technologies to ensure your projects will withstand the harshest weather exposure.


Our systems incorporate everything needed to prepare, then repair and restore a roofing system.


With our reputation in the roofing industry we’ve built extensive relationships with distribution.

Warrantied Roof Restoration Systems. Expert Support.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Approved Applicator Program

What are the benefits of the program?
Do I need to prime?

For each of our products we offer specific application guidelines that will indicate if a primer is required. Check out the Application section on each product page. This information is also available on each product's Data Sheet.

What types of systems do you offer?

We offer systems for Asphalt-Based, Metal & Single-Ply Roofs & depending on the particular project, we offer Acrylic, Moisture Cure Polyurethane, Modified Rubber (Thermoplastic) and Silicone Roof Coating systems.

The best way to get started is to get in touch with your local rep who can learn more about your roof, inspect it and then write up a specification for you!

Selecting a Product

Where can I buy your products?

We do not sell directly through our website or direct to consumer, but rather we sell through our distributing partners. Find your local distributor.

How do I know which product to use for my roof?

Use the filters below to sort by Product Category & Substrate Type which will narrow down the best options for our APC products.

Additionally, each of our product pages will show which surfaces that specific product can be used with. If you are not sure where to start for a coating system, get in touch with your local rep today!

Can your coatings be used on single-ply roof systems (EPDM, PVC, TPO)?

We offers various products that will adhere to single-ply systems. Never use an asphalt-based product on any of these systems. Instead you will want to look for our Modified Rubber (AP-6100), Moisture Cure Polyurethane (AP-5100) and Silicones (AP-5200, AP-5300, AP-5400).

I'm still not sure which product to chose, is there a representative I can speak with directly?

Surely! Please visit our Rep Finder tool to get in touch with our rep in your area.

Grow Your Roofing Business

Become an approved applicator of our Armour Proof Coatings systems and gain the perks of being a trusted and approved contractor. Benefits include project referrals, marketing assistance, product trainings & more!

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